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  • Upon request, the purchaser can receive the card slip by e-mail after direct electronic payment instead of the traditional handwritten slip.
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Consumable parts list (always in stock) 

Most of the parts are made in the USA, and DSF manufactures only if there is a special request.

Triax holder and positioner products are self-produced and tested with Keysight 4156 before being delivered with a test report.

  1. DC probe tp: 1um or less, 1um, 2um, 5um, Gold 10um, Gold 30um Etc. *option (bending) 
  2. Triax connector: Triax(m) to BNC(f), Triax(f) to BNC(m), Triax(f) to Triax(f) Etc. 
  3. Triax cable, triax holder: 2.4M triax(m) to Triax(m) cable 
  4. Wafer: 6" educational (4 sheets in stock) 
  5. RF, DC positioner 
  6. RF probe: GSG200 & cal kit 1set