Company Info.

DSF System is a company that provides solutions for development and analysis of semiconductor chip, mobile phone, and display-related products among various electrical characteristics. We design and manufacture equipment that could measure electrical characteristics of precise points less than 1 mm.

We provide solutions that are tailored for customer's measuring instrument, purpose and budget.

Main Solution

RF Test : High Freq. Chip, PCB, Antenna, mmW Module Test, Double-sided Test (Patented)

DC Test : New Memory, PCB, LCR, Low Leakage, High Power Test

Thermal Test : Thermal Stand. Jedec Chamber, Thermal Station

Test Fixture : High Freq., Hot Test

Main Supply Parts

RF Probe tip & Cal sub. : Cascade, GGB, or others.

DC Probe tip : Cascade or others.

Triax cable & connector : Keysight or others.

Instrument : Keysight or others.

Active Probe & Tip.

Special Film : Heat-resistant film (surface treatment), Non-yellowing film

Measurement Support

DC Station : Keysight Yeouido Office (prior consultation required)

LCR & TDR Measurement : Yeongtong Office (TDR probe - prior consultation required)

RF Measurement : Support when consumable parts are provided (RF tip & cal sub.)

Equipment : Keysight 4156, 4155, 4284, 4285, Switching matrix, Laser cutter, IR System (FLIR camera - prior consultation required)